Yarn - The Living Room Sessions v.1 - Columbia, SC 05.02.09

In a strange series of events last Saturday, my buddy Grayson solicited the band Yarn to play a late night impromptu jam session at Adam B and Wildcat’s house. This was the perfect cap to the day’s celebration in honor of our friend Dana making to the quarter century mark. The late nighter came directly on the heals of quadruple bill of front porch bluegrass and back porch Americana at Sudworks Taphouse in Columbia. img112 (3) It’s no secret to my friends that this type of music is one of my favorites. What I love most about it is that it’s so unadulterated. It’s musician, instrument, and microphone. Not a bunch of lights and effects. There nothing to hide behind, except your own talent. When I think of the Americana genre, I have never thought of New York City. I think of corn and wheat, I think of fishing cabins and camp creeks, I think of the heartland and middle america. I don’t think NYC. Things have changed…now when I think of this genre, I think of the New York band Yarn. img100 The six of them and the fifteen or so of us packed like sardines into the living room. Yarn allowed us to come with them on a quick musical journey. They didn’t seem fatigued at all, even after all the road time, shows the previous night and the earlier one tonight. They humored us by letting us sing along and barefoot clog to their tunes and traditional Grateful Dead favorites. We passed around the brown liquor and many grabbed any spare percussion instrument they could find laying around and tried to keep in time. It’s a little bit foggy, but I think somebody might have even gotten a lesson on stand up bass. img094 Yarn is a great band. Unique and organic, an unpretentious melting pot of bluegrass, jazz, crooner, swing and honkeytonk. They remind me a little bit of a current Whiskeytown wrapped around a core of Railroad Earth. Their musical chops are obvious, but not overstated. On this night, I was a little amazed that Blake still could belt it out on vocals, but his last note of the evening sounded as strong as his first many hours before. I urge you guys to pick up their album, Empty Pockets, especially if you’re into “newgrass”. Andrew Hendryx absolutely lays it down on the mandi. img079 Note to Yarn: Boys, next time do yourself a favor and put out a tip jar. Scattered and smothered at the waffle house taste ten times better when it’s paid for with free (bonus) money. Hopefully, you guys had as much fun as we did. I’m a little scared to hear how that thing came out with those floor mics. Note to You: Check them out here www.yarnmusic.net Note to Grayson: Thank you for a real good time! img086

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