Ryan Adams - “Wharf Rat”


Joe Russo’s Almost Dead
12.27.2013 @ Capitol Theater, Portchester NY

so this is fucking awesome

One of my favorite mid-2000’s acts to catch. The Duo ft. Mike Gordon. 

Saw these guys a number of times in really small places which was so awesome. There was some exceptional improv going on at these shows.


Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band
9.13.2013 @ Little Berlin, Philadelphia

Solar Motel pt1>Solar Motel pt2


Neal Casal & the Terrapin Family Band
w/Adam MacDougall sitting in on keys
covering Velvet Underground’s Oh! Sweet Nuthin’
Terrapin Crossroads

Wonderful clip of these guys doing what they do. One of my favorite songs too.

Umphrey’s McGee - 2013.03.08 - The Fox Theater, Oakland, CA

This was a really fun show with tons of energy and mentions of many “old faces” in the crowd which seemed to bring in some great song selection.

There were repeated on stage comments about how good it felt to be in California…I’m sure the guys were feeling “it”. They definitely brought it last night in a set that had a lot of my old favorites included. Admittedly it’s been 5-6 years since I’ve seen Umphrey’s but I’m very glad I got out to this one last night.

Set 1: In The Kitchen > Mullet (Over), There’s No Crying In Mexico > Spires, Glory > Wife Soup, Nothing Too Fancy > In Bloom, Wappy Sprayberry > In The Kitchen

Set 2: Wizard Burial Ground, Bad Friday, Mulche’s Odyssey, Tango Mike > Higgins, Life During Exodus, Partyin’ Peeps

Encore: Bridgeless > Regulate > Bridgeless

Slint: Chicago 1989



Not the greatest sound quality, but it is Tweez-era Slint slaying and ending with a massive “Cortez The Killer”…what’s not to like?

Club Dreamerz
Chicago, IL

Nosferatu Man
Nan Ding
Breadcrumb Trail
Good Morning Captain
Cortez the Killer

"We’re from Louisville…and we thought you need to hear this."


Deaner & Friends - The Sandy Concerts →


Dean Ween & Friends 
The Sandy Concerts

Dickie Betts
It’s Gonna Be a Long Night
1.0 Fuck No
Cracked Actor
Kick Out the Jams
She Fucks Me
Fire on the Mountain
Piss up A Rope
Captain America
High and Mighty
Moonage Daydream

The musicians are: Dean Ween, Guy Heller, Joe Kramer, Dave Dreiwitz, Bill Fowler, Glenn McClelland, Dave Carta, Claude Coleman, Ray Kubian, Chuck Treece, Chris Harford, Eric Slick, Scott Metzger, and Spencer Johnson.


David & the Dorks: 1970 SBDs



David & the Dorks was briefly a thing in late 1970 consisting of David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh and (probably) Mickey Hart. While largely consisting of Crosby material (most from his then-recent, immaculate …If I Only Could Remember My Name record), there are a few early Dead nuggets and a rehearsal-take on the Byrds’s “Eight Miles High”. The rehearsal tape is an interesting listen if you want to hear those dude working up this material…particularly Garcia walking everyone (including his bandmates) through “Bertha”…but just jump right to the gig if you’re not into that sorta thing. 

The SBD from December 15, 1970, opening night at the Matrix Theatre in SF, is a hell of a listen. I’ve always loved the aforementioned Crosby record, but somehow didn’t realize until today that these guys played out at all. The yam out of “Triad” is particularly glorious, and you gotta love Crosby singing those “Bertha” harmonies. Also of note - this version of “Deep Elem Blues” is pretty different than the various GD arrangements of this then-young tune. 

I guess there’s discrepancy as to if Billy or Mickey played these shows…fwiw it sounds like Mick on both recordings to these ears. 

David & the Dorks
Wally Heider’s 245 Hyde Studio C
San Francisco, CA

Alabama Bound
Eight Miles High
Cowboy Movie
Wall Song
Bird Song

download 320kbps mp3s

David & the Dorks
Matrix Theatre
San Francisco, CA

Drop Down Mama
Cowboy MOvie
Wall Song
Deep Elem Blues
Motherless Children

download 320kbps mp3s

The live band / DJ hybrid duo Boombox are back with their latest original single following up ‘Lost Ya’ from earlier this year. ‘Waiting Around’ is a funky electronic indie single that is sure to put you in a good mood. It is the first single off the group’s new album Filling in the Color set to release January 14th. This song incorporates a large amount of live band elements from guitar solos to horns leaving us with a jam inspired twist  reminding me of The Grateful Dead, which isn’t surprising with Guitar / Lead Vocalist Zion of Boombox being the son of two members from the group (Keith and Donna Jean Godchauxt). You can listen to the exclusive stream below. Enjoy. - See more at:



11 years ago today Kris Myers played his first complete gig with UM. Not a day goes by that we’re not thankful he decided to join the circus. \mm/

Enjoy those first notes below.

i’d seen them a few times prior, but it’s kinda crazy to realize i walked back to my dorm 11 years ago this evening thinking “i should probably see that band more”…and then did…entirely too many times to count (somewhere north of 150?(/maybe i could count if i remembered my pt login)). 

Oct 2012: Week of the Horse



Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of smelling theHorse thrice within a week. This is the highlight reel, more or less arranged the same as the tour’s setlist.

Full shows after the jump for your nerding pleasure.


01 Oh Canada [10.05 K-Roc Centre, Kingston, ON]
02 Love and Only Love [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
03 Powderfinger [10.05 K-Roc Centre, Kingston, ON]
04 Walk Like a Giant [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
05 Needle and the Damage Done [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
06 “Singer Without A Song” [10.11 United Center, Chicago, IL] (debut)
07 Ramada Inn [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
08 Fuckin’ Up [10.11 United Center, Chicago, IL]
09 Psychedelic Pill [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
10 Cortez the Killer [10.05 K-Roc Centre, Kingston, ON]
11 Mr. Soul [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
12 Roll Another Number [10.06 Budweiser Gardens, London, ON]
13 Tonight’s the Night [10.11 United Center, Chicago, IL]
14 Like a Hurricane [10.05 K-Roc Centre, Kingston, ON]

download: mediafire

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in honor of the horse’s likely return this summer(!), i figured i’d bump this. prepare your skulls(/here’s to hoping “sedan delivery” stays in rotation). 

Dopapod - Echoes
10.5.13 - Fall Down 5, Durham, CT

Crispy. Crunchy. Done right.

This made my night. Some great solo piano arrangements of some of our favorite tunes by YouTube user MrSteevT